Online discovery – Products & Outfits

Provide ideas on how to combine your collection, and the clothes in the shopper’s closet, or similar products


There are tons of providers of product recommendations out there, and if you want a traditional recommender, we suggest you get in touch with any of them.

Our interest goes well beyond that scope. We’d be happy to help you take control of your data via helping you create your own ontology, and then on top of that, we’d help you define algorithms for different use cases.

The approach above will make sense for those teams fighting for the long term, seeking substantial increases in conversion and not just quick wins – which you’ll rarely find.

If you like the approach, get in touch. Here’s what we’ve built in the past.


  • Shopper is looking at a product:
    • A product she just bought, added to favorites, or a Product Detail Page;
    • We display other products in your catalogue that match well with that first product, personalized to the shopper;
    • We display clothes in the shopper closet that match well with what she’s about to buy.
  • Shopper is looking at a garment in her personal closet:
    • We tell her how that garment matches with her other garments;
    • We tell the shopper what clothes in your catalogue match with that garment.


  • Shopper accesses your homepage or any of your categories:
    • We provide a list of products she’ll find most interesting.
    • Suggestions are grouped by similarity, “complete the look” or other criteria to be defined.


Our approach takes into account three factors: