Outfit ideas for your clothes

Decide your outfits easily, and match your clothes better

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Helping people feel better with their clothes

We’ve come to the conclusion that the single biggest opportunity in the fashion space is yet to be realized, and it’s about helping people feel better with their clothes. Our closets are one of the few aspects of our lives that have not yet been digitized, and there is a need for a “Spotify for fashion”: a personal stylist that knows your taste and habits, includes a smart closet and an outfit planner.

Deciding your look

Deciding your daily outfit or planning for the entire week is a nightmare for many of us. You might know very well how to match your clothes, but even then, when you are in front of your closet you sometimes need help from an outfit maker. You just want an app that puts outfits together for you, and helps you pick your outfit.

An outfit planner

Chicisimo is your outfit planner app, a stylebook type of app that tells you how to put outfits together with what you have, with your own clothes. In the future, outfit planning will be in all the best fashion apps both for iOS and Android.

A smart closet organizer

Chicisimo gives you a virtual closet where you can store your clothes digitally, like having your playlists in Spotify. It's a closet organizer where you'll see your clothes organized and under control. Then, Chicisimo's smart closet gives you ideas to wear each one of your clothes, it has an outfit creator and maker. Not only that, it tells you how other women wear the clothes you have in your closet.

A Personal Stylist

At Chicisimo, we are building an automated personal stylist that learns your clothing habits and understands your fashion taste. It then helps you decide your daily outfit, and tells you how new clothes match your existing ones.

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