Jeans & Pumps 577 days ago

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  1. AndreiaJakeline

    480 days ago

    Merry Christmas!! ++++++++++chic chic look

  2. lauralicious

    480 days ago

    Clip & Chic, love it!!

  3. NeryHdez

    571 days ago


  4. thefaubourg

    571 days ago

    You are so beautiful !! :)

  5. marianelahd

    572 days ago

    love this casual and chic outfit!

  6. fromparistomilano

    575 days ago

    Un look fort sympathique! simple et élégant, je kiffe!

  7. bohochic

    577 days ago


  8. pperlenoir

    577 days ago

    Very nice!!!

  9. Petite Robe Noire

    577 days ago

    genial look CHIC!! :) pasat por mi blg

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