Perfect Asymmetry 726 days ago

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  1. ciuzzetta

    719 days ago

    Anyway…u named this outfit “Perfect Asymmetry” …….this look is soooo nice, no doubt…….but the perfect thing r u :o )

  2. ciuzzetta

    719 days ago

    U r amazin girl…if i was a man i would fall in love with u……ur outfits r wonderful and u……..u r too butful :)
    if u like check my chicisimo page…….xoxo ilaria

  3. Lau(";")

    724 days ago

    herm0sa…mi chic pa ti..!

  4. Diana Sosner

    725 days ago


  5. marti5

    725 days ago

    Hi your look it’s fantastic, we can see each other if you want.

  6. angicupcakes

    725 days ago


  7. glambitch

    725 days ago

    simply beautiful… :)

  8. ♥♥Signaturechic♥♥

    726 days ago

    very pretty as usual +1 chic for you
    kisses :-)

  9. eiderworld

    726 days ago

    love ur outfit!!!! chiccc

  10. Trendy Dreams

    726 days ago

    gorgeous :)

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